Keg marking is like putting the icing on the cake - you can get as creative as you want and it makes them YOUR kegs.  Not only does it look cool, but it can significantly help with identification and keg loss.  American Keg can do custom embossing, silk screening, and laser etching on all US Made kegs in house.  


 Pre Manufacturing
  • Cost: $0
  • Lead Time: 4-6 weeks
  • Font Height: 1/6 kegs: 1/2 ", 1/2 kegs: 1" (all capital letters)
  • 1/6 kegs: Maximum of 18 characters (including spaces)
  • 1/2 kegs: Maximum of 21 characters (including spaces)
  • Font is "Gothic", and numbers are available
  Pre Manufacturing
  • Cost: $300 for customized plate
  • Lead Time: 10-12 weeks
  • Can include logos and custom fonts


Silk Screening:

  • One time fabrication charge of $300 for each size screen (1/2 keg & 1/6 keg)
  • Artwork set-up included, vector file required if screening logo
  • Per keg paint charge of $1.00 per “zone” (up to 4 zones on 1/2 keg and 2 zones on 1/6 keg)
  • One color per zone – can match Pantone branding colors
  • Simple color striping – no screen fabrication charge for the stripe; $1 per stripe per keg – 3 stripes max for 1/2 keg and 2 stripes max for 1/6 keg.

Laser Etching:

  • Data and/or artwork set-up included - $1 per mark, per keg
  • Can currently laser small areas (4” x 4”) – we are in the process of having full keg fiber laser marking capabilities for logos, text wrapping, etc.
  • Can do small laser etched variable data codes, QR codes, and barcodes with human readable data.  We can place these anywhere on the keg.

American Keg Silk Screen Gallery

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