How many American Kegs can you make?

                Currently, only 200 or so a day, though we have aggressive plans to increase production to meet the demand for American-made kegs.

Are you the only American Keg Manufacturer?  I see lots of sites on the web that seem to sell Kegs from US locations.

                If they are not from American Keg, they are imported.  You can check, or you can look for telltale signs like a reference to “our ISO 9000 factory” with no indication WHERE that factory is.  It is very likely in China.  American-made Kegs are ONLY available from American Keg.

Why were no kegs manufactured in the US between 2005 and 2015?  How hard can it be?

                The last US manufacturer of kegs was Spartanburg Stainless Products who sold the keg product line, in 2006, to European manufacturer who shut down the US production and expanded their export business..  The answer on how hard is - well - pretty hard and expensive.  There are two basic reasons for this:

  1. You have to be competitive with companies that have had years to develop smooth running, efficient, and low-cost methods to produce high quality kegs in quantity.
  2. There are no experienced US resources to draw from – equipment and experience has to be adapted, imported, or both.

We’re working on it, however, and have had some pretty significant success in the last year.

I’m happy with my Keg importer – they say they import kegs from the same company that Geemacher uses.  Why should I buy from you?

                We certainly don’t want to come between you and your current supplier if they do better that we can.  But, consider:

  1. We import from several different manufacturers in China alone – basically every manufacturer that other importers use.  But unlike most of our competitors, we’re not tied to any one source.  We shop for the best price for top quality manufacturers, and price changes day to day.
  2. When you buy from American Keg, even if you buy an import keg while we ramp up American Keg production, you are supporting an American Manufacturer, not an importer.

What is the effect of proposed tariffs on American Keg?

Right now we’re losing money on American Keg production.  The Chinese – who make a fine keg – are able to manufacture a keg, ship it to America (at significant cost – about $10 a keg for halfs), and still sell it for little more than we now pay for just the raw domestic stainless steel we use to make kegs.  They can do this because their government subsidizes the process – in fact, the largest Chinese competitor is owned by the Chinese government.  The cost of steel is up more than 40% in the last two years – largely in anticipation of tariffs.

But your competitors use imported steel – won’t their cost go up?

The proposed tariffs don’t work that way – they will only be on raw steel.  Currently, there are NO tariffs imposed on import kegs.

Do you import steel?

No.  We only use American Steel in the manufacture of our kegs.  We do import small parts like stems from MicroMatic, as do the Chinese and Germans.  These are made in Lithuania.

If you don’t import steel, why would the raw steel tariff effect you?

Steel is a global commodity, and American Keg use a tiny, tiny amount of global production.  We have to pay whatever the steel companies charge.  Without imports from other countries (for steel, largely Canada, Mexico, and Japan,) the price goes up significantly, and it already has.

What would happen if a tariff was passed on imported kegs?

We are working on that – if this was established and in the 25% range we feel we could compete fairly.

Working with American Keg Company

How do I get a quote?

                Fill out a web form, send us an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., call (484) 524-8251 – whatever is easiest for you.  We’re as anxious to serve you as we are to continue and grow Keg manufacturing to the US.